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Private Vs. Public Healthcare

I tend to prefer private organizations over public because sometimes something done poorly is better not done at all. Now, There are some things I agree with on the new healthcare bill, such as:

  • Mandating that everyone buys healthcare insurance. I agree with this because it is required that doctors treat patients coming into emergency rooms without insurance- as it should be. An emergency room should never turn anyone away that is dying, and I doubt they would be able to if they were supposed to. However, you have to deal with losing too much money here and thus hospitals have to drive up unnecessary costs, meaning a bigger price tag for YOU.
  • Revamping the justice system in healthcare is necessary, to drive down insurance costs that the doctors have to pay, again reducing costs for the patient. Too often people look at mistakes made by doctors- who are just human- as a lottery ticket win. While doctors that make serious mistakes due to malpractice or incompetence should be reprimanded, there is no reason it should drive up prices for everyone. There are adjustments to this in the bill as well.
  • Imposing greater restrictions on current insurance companies is a sure win for the public. It will keep insurance companies from charging too much and being unreasonable with their criteria and/or fees.

There are some major issues with the healthcare bill, and a lot of this includes the amount of patients doctors are going to have to see in order to keep their salary. This is going to drive down the quality of care patients will receive, as well as make doctors more apt to make mistakes. Also, people don’t realize that they are still going to be paying for healthcare, just with a wool over their eyes through taxes. Administration costs can get much higher than people realize when it comes to goverment run healthcare.


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A lot of my articles on here are about individualism and from my libertarian tendencies it is obvious that I don’t conform just for the sake of doing so. Yet I still try to bring two sides together. It seems that most die hard conformists have very little tolerance, and it is exactly lack of tolerance and not a lack of conformity that causes harm to others. This works both ways, though.

Some examples of conformist regimes that lost their ability to see the big picture would be the Nazi’s, North Korea, Iran and unfortunately so many more. I highly doubt many in Nazi Germany were willing to break any laws, considering the type of government that held control- and everybody obeying the laws is the right idea. At the same time, however, these regimes were doing a lot of harm and the people of these countries were just following right along with it. It caused so much harm and suppression- with that mindset leading to not only a lack of natural progression but a lack of freedom. Thankfully, with a lot of our world having freedom of speech, this is encouraging a person’s ability to think for themselves as well.

If conformity and following instructions thrived as much as some people would like it to millions of years ago, perhaps we would all still be monkeys. It is divergence that causes evolution.

This idea greatly applies to political parties as well, and their intolerance sometimes for other parties. The way they behave towards each other before truly listening to the other opinion is how wars are started and while the mistakes are often realized with time they could have been prevented in the first place. There are those that try to put out fire with gasoline, and those who seek solutions through an intellectual process. It is this sort of lack of tolerance that produces ignorance, when someone closes their mind to an idea because it is not in line with what they knew.

It is not a lack of conformism that should be discouraged but rather a lack of tolerance, for it results in ignorance. This concept holds true when it comes to diversity in race, sexual orientation, different types of thinking, political regimes, and almost everything in life…even tolerance for those that are closed-minded. As long as someone is not harming someone else, individualism and freedom of thought is best when allowed to thrive.

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Working Together

It gets a little tiring to see voters spend so much  time ranting about how they dislike each other or  calling each other names without coming up with  a solution to a problem. It is sad to see so much  energy wasted in such a non-  productive inefficient way of doing things. If both parties spent less time arguing and despising each other, maybe something would actually get done. It is in situations like these that emotions cloud logic in a most destructive way.

It seems to be the spectators, those who have not much control over the bills being passed that are the most immature, encouraged by the media. This behavior is likely stemmed from frustration, which is understandable from a position where one can do so little. People are becoming ugly for the causes they believe in, attacking each other instead of finding a solution that will work for all involved. The ugliness spreads; children watch their parents and continue to act like vultures, attacking instead of discussing. Too quick to write the other party off as wrong without ever considering they could be right.

The United States is divided into two main parties… Democrats and Republicans.  It isn’t exactly fifty/ fifty, and other parties exist as well, of course. But quite frankly, approximately half the country tends to be conservative and the other half are liberal. Yet both parties often think their way is the only way with little regard or respect for that other party. The more stubborn the parties become, and the more they belittle each other’s characters instead of dealing with the specific issues at hand, the more we regress to a country that needs to go back to kindergarten. In some cases, literally.

There are situations where one party is just plain unjust and cruel. There are some situations that just shouldn’t be a matter of opinion. These are often social issues, since fiscal issues cannot be wholly predicted based even on history due to changing circumstances and unexpected events. A good example of an unjust social issue that should never have been argued against is keeping African Americans as slaves, or not allowing gays to marry. Although I know not one person who would say today that having any sort of slave is okay, there are people out there who do not believe it should be legal for homosexual oriented individuals to be married as a man and woman would be. This is something that will of course be looked back in time as unjust discrimination as the times improve. So of course it is understandable for one party to get frustrated- but if that party ever wants to enlighten the other party they are going to have to be adult about it. Intimidation tactics don’t often work so well on the stubborn.

My opinion is that republicans could take some lessons from the democrats with social issues, just as the democrats could take some lessons from the republicans on fiscal issues. After all, republicans are often the big business types that understand finances, and democrats often the compassionate humanitarians that understand human rights. Instead of the two parties walking in with open minds and being civil, learning from each other and discussing… they go head to head. I find it amusing when people wonder how countries can go to war,  when the people within them cannot even be civil with their own country!

There needs to be serious change taking place in not just the government, but the way people behave and respond to it- including biased media. Intimidation and manipulation tactics do not do anything but cloud information. It is not until people can start respecting each other for having a difference of opinions, and learn to live with each other in their difference of opinions, that human beings will get along.

Of course, you still have those social issues that need to be passed quickly for people are not getting the rights they deserve, and the fiscal issues that need to be thought through before money is spent and our country is too far in debt and not in a position to help anyone. But attacking another person for their party is never a trait that is admired by many. It could be compared to attacking another race for their color or a religion for their beliefs. It starts with you, not the government.

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marriagePersonally, I am socially liberal. I do not believe the government should decide what is morally ‘right’, and what is ‘wrong’. It is usually the Republicans that remind people that our government exists to preserve our freedom. I find this ironic at times, considering the freedom to marry is one I believe every adult should have a right to.

Yesterday, I asked a Republican their view on gay marriage. He answered, as a typical Republican would, that he does not believe it should be legal. When I asked him why, he said that he didn’t feel it was natural. I have noticed this to be a common response of those who oppose the marriage between two homosexuals. Then I asked him to put himself in the shoes of someone who is gay, and imagine that he only had feelings for other males, and there was nothing he could do to change that. Would he feel ostracized from society, considering that marriage to someone he is sexually attracted to is ILLEGAL? His answer was yes, he would. Then I asked him if he still opposes it, and he shrugged. I notice that many social conservatives object to this because they don’t understand it. I have also noticed most of the conservatives that tend  to be really adamant on rejecting gay marriage are typically religious.

I have a couple of things to say to those who feel that being gay goes against your religion. First of all, while our country was established as ‘one nation under God’ and should continue to remain so for historical purposes only, our country was also established as a haven for all types of religious people, and for those who chose not to be religious. Hence, the popular saying that America is a ‘free country.’  Now, the catholic church has just voted to allow gays to be priests and openly gay at the same time, just as the Evangelical Lutheran church just voted to allow homosexuals to be open about their sexuality and still pastors. These are arguably two of the strictest branches of Christianity. So if the churches are okay with it, and ones argument still has religious undertones, I suggest they think about that for a second.

I have heard people say that “if the government does not control our morals, then what would happen? People would be able to start killing each other?” and often scoff at that, for I have always considered marriage a positive issue. Murder is a lot more than immoral, it is intrusive  to the highest extent. Murder is the ultimate freedom eliminator as well as many other crimes. So to those of you so conservative that you worry where society is going if same genders were allowed to marry, rest assured, this will not cause our country to result in anarchy.

I have heard conservatives argue that this would produce more homosexuals. Even if it did, what is wrong with someone being able to openly homosexual if that is how they feel? But the fact of the matter is, it wouldn’t produce more homosexuals, but it would allow people living their lives in secret to have a freedom that previously only existed to heterosexuals. Homosexuals have been criticized and ostricized throughout history, and religious people have argued that all homosexuals are going to hell. Still, homosexuals existed, but in private. They were forced to live secret lives due to their natural feelings. So while homosexuals may seem more prominent in society if gay marriage was legal, it would only be because many people would finally be able to come out of hiding…or as some say ‘the closet’. Having to live a lie cannot be fun, and there is nothing wrong with allowing people to be themselves if they are not harming others.

Legalizing gay marriage is the first step to ending the discrimination and hate that exists against homosexuals today. To treat someone differently because of their orientation, or think they should not be allowed certain freedoms that others have, is as bad as being a racist and it is discrimination to the highest extent. So get with the times, because people are starting to realize that mindless discrimination is ignorant…even the churches.

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Obama, January 2009: “Now most of the money we are investing as part of the plan will get out the door immediately, and will go directly to job creation, generating or saving three to four million jobs. Immediately.”

Obama, April 2009: “Because we know people are hurting right now, we need to create jobs and get money into peoples pockets right now, so we passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This government effort is coming in ahead of schedule, and under budget.”

Obama, July 2009: “The recovery act was designed to make sure local school districts didn’t lay off teachers, and fire fighters, and police officers and it’s done its job.”

“The stimulus package is working exactly as we had anticipated”

“As I made clear at the time it was passed, the recovery act was not designed to work in four months. ”


It is now October 2009, and the unemployment rate and is 9.8% and rising. We can only hope Obama did not just prolong a present day Great Depression.

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The 2016 Olympics…in Chicago?

Obama has made many residents of chicago furious when it was declared that he would be trying to get the Olympics to take place in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is currently the city with the highest crime in the entire United States, and they are doing poorly in terms of money right now and our president wants chicago to spend 100 million dollars on the Olympics…because…it is his home town. A little selfish, right? Here is what the people of Chicago are saying:

I have a message to President Barack Obama: You have arguably more power than any other single man on this planet right now. So it may be a good time to stop thinking about how you can benefit the government, but rather the people.  Fortunately for the United States, Obama did not get his way and the Olympics will be hosted in Brazil. I wonder when it will occur to Obama that we cannot afford to keep spending like this…

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